About our School

About US

Benford International School, Abuja.

I hope the perusal of our website will give you a firsthand insight into our exciting and vibrant school.

BIS is a primary school established on 22nd September 2014 to offer a blend of British and Nigerian curricula, tailored made towards providing pupils with a variety of options at the end of the their primary schooling.

We pride ourselves with state of the art facilities and amenities for your child’s education and wellbeing. Our class rooms are fully equipped with air conditioners, Projectors, visual aids, resource rooms with smart boards, ICT facilities, a well-equipped computer Lab, e-Library and physical library, an (A-Team ) with latest servers, all session free internet access, school management system, Moodle software for Computer based test, electronic drop-off and pickup access card for parents and pupils.

BIS places high premium on safety and security of our pupils. We have a 24 hour surveillance patrol team comprising the police and other security personnel, a world class close circuit cameras (CCTV) synchronized with the website in all the classes and buildings for effective monitoring of your child’s activities in school. Parents can log in to view their wards.

Our staffs are well trained and routinely trained to enhance effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of quality education. We have an above average teacher to pupils ratio that enables your child have personal attention. We also recognize children with special needs in a well-equipped center managed by consultant and professional (SEN) teachers to cater for identified pupils.

As a primary school, BIS understands the need for a healthy Body and Mind and so, we created an ample grounds for extracurricular activities. You can take a virtual tour of our football pitch, lawn tennis court, basketball courts etc.

Please don’t take my word for it. Take a virtual tour but I will encourage you to come visit us. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Joshua Alasha Unimke (B.Sc., PGD, MSc Finance)Head of Administration

Our Vision

To build confidence in children with outstanding leadership qualities and academic excellence.


Benford International School is committed to provide a safe and conducive place of learning with well-motivated teachers to lay a solid foundation for children of different abilities and needs in order to achieve their full potential and equipping them for the future as leaders


    Our curriculum reflects our vision and motto: ‘’Scholars Are Leaders’’. We run a blend of British and Nigerian Curricula. In the Early Years, we have a thematic structure which enhances loop learning and exposes the learners to a wider horizon within and outside Nigeria via e-learning. Being a 21st century learning environment, our pupils are introduced to e-learning at age 2. In the Primary School, the pupils are molded to be independent learners and would mature into teenagers that manage themselves effectively in whatever situations they find themselves.


Benford International School provides quality teaching and learning for its pupils. Our focus is on the development of the total child and one that is prepared for the 21st century.The school teaches values to the pupils e.g. discipline, respect, consideration, appreciation, honesty, cooperation, etc. This is usually done through weekly dramatization in assemblies. This builds confidence in the pupils and enables them to have a sense of values from an early age that will prepare them for the society.We boast of an educational framework for children of different abilities and needs, to maximize their full potential for the future, enabling them to lead and serve the community.

Our teachers are firm, fair, friendly, highly experienced and sought-after in the education sector. Our delivery of educational services is topnotch and in tandem with international best practices.


With a cozy, safe, happy, caring and stimulating child-friendly environment, we pride ourselves with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities for children’s education and total wellbeing. Our classrooms are well equipped with air-conditioners and Projectors. We have well-equipped computer lab, Science laboratory, a Resource Room with smartboard, Art and Music studios, physical and e-libraries, free internet service, school management system, Moodle software for computer-based testing, among others.

We place a very high premium on safety and security of our pupils and staff. We equally have a 24-hour surveillance patrol team comprising the police and other security personnel. The CCTV cameras are also deployed in managing the security of our environment in and outside the classrooms.

Our pupils are trained to be responsible and independent from an early stage of their lives in order to give parents and guardians a restful mind in the future.

Join our team of thoroughbreds by enrolling your child today and you will be glad you did!

The learning principles of our school are guided by our belief in addressing the whole child meaning we do not limit our curriculum design to exam or assessment readiness. The 21st century skills learned through our curriculum, which is interdisciplinary, integrated, project-based curriculum by utilizing the seven survival skills:

  • Critical Thinking.
  • Problem Solving.
  • Collaboration across cultures and leading by influence.
  • Agility and Ability.
  • Initiative and Entrepreneurialism.
  • Effective Oral and Written Communication.
  • Accessing and Analyzing Information.